Here are a couple of rules/tips that we ask for everyone to please follow when posting on the site:

  • Before posting a question, please search the forums first!
    Most problems have been answered on here several times and there is a good chance you will find an answer to your problem more quickly by searching rather than posting and waiting for a response. Keep in mind as well that the more time we have to spend answering the same questions means less time that we have to work on new products and make improvements to the existing ones for you.

  • Please post a link to your site!
    If at all possible, please post a link to your site when asking for help. Most problems can be diagnosed much more easily if we can actually see them in action. There's also a good chance that it may help us to give you an answer much more quickly when a link is included with a support thread.

  • Please wait at least 24 hours before bumping a thread.
    Though we do try to check the forums as often as possible, we are not on the site 24/7. Once a staff member sees your post it will be answered. We are human though and every once in a while a post may be missed, so if you have not received an answer within 24 hours please bump your thread then.

  • Do NOT e-mail or PM staff members for support.
    We do NOT handle support requests via e-mail or private messages. If you are having a problem with one of our products, please post in the appropriate support forum.

  • Do NOT post or attach entire vBulletin files.
    Attaching or posting entire vBulletin files is against your vBulletin license agreement. Instead of attaching or posting an entire file, post 10 or so lines before and after the problem area. This also pertains to any other type of copyrighted material or code.

  • Do NOT post links to offensive material without a warning.
    Please do not post links that may contain offensive material in them (obscene, sexually-orientated, hateful, etc.). If you must post a link to your site which contains something that may be offensive to others in order to receive support, please post a short and clear warning before the link (ex: "NOT WORKSAFE!"). Keep in mind that many users browse our web site from work and things such as this could jeopardize their job.

  • When posting code, please use the [CODE], [PHP], or [HTML] tags.
    These tags will help to format the coding and make it easier to read.
    Please do not use the QUOTE tags to post code on the website, as it will only cause problems later on.

  • Respect other members.
    Do not post messages to other vBadvanced members that are hateful or otherwise disrespectful. Doing so will result in an immediate banning of your account.