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  1. What's Popular Drop-Down Links
  2. Members Categories - Additional Page Links go to Blank Page
  3. Custom User Module No Longer Showing Up
  4. permission issues with attachments
  5. Quick Search
  6. SQL Error in My Favorites
  7. Small issue with dyna_navigation module
  8. What's new module, relative links become broken when copied to VBadvanced
  9. Notification email leaves out entry name and ID
  10. About Me module doesn't honor profile fields order
  11. The following errors occurred with your submission
  12. Icons with Lean entrybit
  13. Cannot edit replies
  14. Losing Page 1 Title
  15. Soft deleted articles still appear in the "About Me" articles count
  16. Error when replying to article in dynamic
  17. Smaller Sub-Categories Misaligned
  18. Thumbnails not working?
  19. Signature url not correct again.
  20. Problem with browsing multiple pages of drafts & dating of entries
  21. Missing category icons for Header category
  22. send to friend issue
  23. Very small bug "my attachments"
  24. Attachment thumbnails problem
  25. Any reason why a user wouldn't be able to delete attachments?
  26. Attachments showing as large images
  27. Problem with subscriptions multiple instances
  28. Multiple Instance: 1st secondary instances has settings for all 3 secondaries
  29. Issue integration second instance
  30. Error with file upload and strange behaviour
  31. Autopublish not working in secondary instances