View Full Version : Bugs From 1.0.2

  1. 302 Errors
  2. Using HTML, then trying to edit an entry
  3. Incorrect Links in My Subscriptions
  4. Problem with 24 hour time format
  5. category tools - show all entries including sub-categories
  6. Random Entry Module and Custom Field Display.
  7. Problems with Dyna Subscription Notifications
  8. 404 Error and What's popular error
  9. Links for What's New and What's Popular not working..
  10. Phrases missing on install
  11. Guest Post Error
  12. "Search this category" doesnt work correctly
  13. Databse Error When Forcefully Adding Modules
  14. Entry date that you have specified is invalid
  15. end tag for "table" which is not finished
  16. Validated email content
  17. Not parsing html tags