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  1. Thread prefixes showing code in browser title bar
  2. When adding a page I get a DB error
  3. Quote Tags Overlap Avatar in News
  4. Collapse Images Not Working w/ Integrated Pages
  5. Uncached templates
  6. FaceBook Connect Problem With vBadvanced
  7. Integrating CMPS causes CSS issues
  8. Lists not showing properly in the main page
  9. "Last Page" link in Recent Threads Module goes to first page.
  10. $Newscount
  11. Formatting Issues
  12. Markup validation issues with CMPS
  13. Search Engine Friendly URL Issue w/ News
  14. Child Page - Parent Tab highlight
  15. PM Pop-Up Notification Problems
  16. List bbcode not working on Pages (bbcode page)
  17. Inserting Images Bug (IE 8)
  18. vBulletin 4.0.4 'postfoot' class issue
  19. Enable News Pagination Formatting Error