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  1. Show Latest Arcade Addition and Game Count on Forum Home
  2. Cute little "mod"
  3. GenSec's Alternative Layout
  4. Arcade Addon Pack 1
  5. Leader Board v1.5
  6. Arcade Champion(s)
  7. [UNSUPPORTED] Who's Online in the Arcade?
  8. Favorites Mod
  9. challenges via users profile edit
  10. [mod] disable right click in all games
  11. ArcadeShout Template MOD
  12. Manually Add Game via Admin CP
  13. Remove All Scores Button
  14. script to clear game scores
  15. script to remove all scores from members that do not exist anymore
  16. Arcade Champions Module for PHPNuke - Fixed!
  17. set minimum posts to play for all games
  18. Potential Bugfix: Reverse scoring with zero scores
  19. 5 Random Games on vBPortal
  20. Restrict Usergroup access to games
  21. Add Curl Support..
  22. Notice: Moderation is ON!
  23. Change Game Resolution
  24. Add Favorite Links to PLAY Page
  25. Mod: Arcade Awards Podium
  26. v3arcade High-score Champs on forum home...
  27. Zoints Local v3 Arcade Block
  28. Released vBCredits - v3arcade Addon
  29. Arcade Stats On Arcade Page?
  30. Specify Default Category (Plugin)
  31. Force style for v3 Arcade
  32. Categories in some rows and with images on main page
  33. Create category for show newest games
  34. Game ImpEx System [LITE]
  35. Alternative Layout for v3arcade 2.0.0
  36. Create a category for the most popular (by vote) games
  37. v3 Arcade working with other vB hacks/Addons
  38. Arcade Awards Podium Modded
  39. [vBC] vBCredits 1.5.1 - v3Arcade 2.0.x Addon
  40. Winners Podium
  41. Adsense
  42. Making Money -- Advert Blocks
  43. Replacing the trophy icons
  44. v3 Arcade Stats CMS Widget for vB4 Suite
  45. Podium: No Avatar, no Highscores?
  46. Help with V3
  47. How to display News & Events from V3 arcade on first page of the forum
  48. new thread on highscore for VB4?
  49. vbCredits II und V3 Arcade
  50. Lights Off (Simplified Version)