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  1. Poll Problem
  2. sql errors
  3. HTML problem
  4. Problem with 'Latest Threads Forums'
  5. Minor bug - welcome block
  6. access to this page BUG!!
  7. Signature images not showing
  8. Could not remove the module
  9. a bug with forumdisplay and CMPS
  10. a new(old) bug
  11. [Bug] Problem with display order?
  12. BUG: Front Page Poll Module
  13. BUG (RC2): Install script - vbphrases
  14. BUG (RC2): template - calendar_smallmonth_header
  15. small bug with calendar_smallmonth_header template
  16. a small bug
  17. CMPS Can't show Forum and Latest Topics on the same page
  18. PM notification popup
  19. phrasing problem
  20. Can a private board have a public homepage?
  21. Quick Style Chooser on vBa CMPS Homepage
  22. Empty image tags in news archive
  23. quick moderation module not showing members awaiting moderation
  24. What's that link?
  25. Active Users: Small weird problem (CMPS RC2)
  26. Lost Edit button :(
  27. Style not kept when boards are closed
  28. [Read More] Character Limit Bug with vb 3.0.3?
  29. [BUG] vba_cmps_include_bottom.php v1.0
  30. Problems with quoted text
  31. How do I show threads in the center colum?
  32. $getbgrow not working for news Archive
  33. Forgot the Name...
  34. cmp errror occurs on vb303
  35. Cant Logon Using Welcome Block
  36. Login.php Problems
  37. attatched images display on main page?
  38. a small rtl/lrt bug
  39. Quick search popup is missing "Go" button
  40. currentpoll.php problem
  41. </if> in wrong spot in adv_portal_latesttopicbits
  42. How to rtl
  43. Active users on front page and html
  44. by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".
  45. Caching adv_portal_buddylistbits
  46. SQL error with Latest Topics
  47. Sidebar on forum. Problems with same dir?
  48. Date is not shown
  49. report code error
  50. variables don't work in navbar for cmps, works fine with original index.php