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  1. Integrate the Links Directory with the CMPS
  2. Add Links Awaiting Moderation to Your vBa CMPS Quick Moderation Module
  3. req: email notification/ email users
  4. [REQ] - Top 10 or Latest Links side block.
  5. CMPS Module - Latest or Hot Links
  6. [REQ] Custom fields by category?
  7. [Mod] Link Exchange addition
  8. Links Display Question
  9. How to replace vbs default web site
  10. $linksnav
  11. 'linktous' missing content... suggestion:
  12. CMPS Module - Quick Search
  13. "Links and Files Database" Import Script
  14. Variable for linkcount?
  15. Add a link to Navbar
  16. Navbar quick search form
  17. Hard Link Question
  18. Need if/else statement for urls
  19. Link To Us
  20. fetching info
  21. link from links directory to cmps page and forum
  22. Thumbnails - Links
  23. List sub categories under main category name
  24. [Request]importing links
  25. Make URL Optional
  26. [MOD] A slightly more helpful duplicate link message
  27. [MOD] Anything you want in any special link display
  28. [MOD] bbcode in description
  29. Fields Question
  30. Display Member's Avatar in Showlink
  31. [Request] Top Link Posters/Submitters (you know what i mean)
  32. [Q] Which template to mod to show Sub-directories and links in two columns
  33. [REQ] vbaCMPS latest Reviews
  34. search engine friendly?
  35. [req] CMPS module Most voted links..
  36. [req] CMPS module top referrals
  37. [REQ] Directory Spacing
  38. Need a hack to display links from one particular category only!
  39. Hidden Affiliate Link
  40. [REQ} Member and Guests Rating
  41. [Request] Auto Link
  42. Custom coded thumbnails...
  43. Supporter linked
  44. Category Sorting
  45. [Request] Ownership Transfer
  46. [Request] - Force Specific Stylesheet
  47. Mod: Quick and dirty way to add screenshots of submitted links to your links Dir...
  48. Integrating CMS
  49. Disabling header
  50. [request] Banner ad intergration.