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  1. Editing a link within admincp...
  2. Bug Not fixed that was reported fixed !
  3. Bug in the name who ad the link? (when the name is long)
  4. Error when voting on a link
  5. Question about user name change.
  6. Language: Missing a Phrase word in search
  7. Sort order for topic review when replying to link...
  8. Searching by Any Date search option doesn't work.
  9. sub-cats, parents...oh my
  10. mysql error when searching advanced
  11. Phrase adv_new_x_validated missing?
  12. another sql error !
  13. Spelling error when submitting a link
  14. Problem with smilies in reply to links
  15. bug: rating function now correct
  16. MySQL Error 1109
  17. Bug in VBa Links Admincp