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  1. Praise the Brian!
  2. Module Merging
  3. Prefix these Forums Please
  4. Ability To Set Different Settings To Each Style/Page
  5. Working great
  6. What about the Calendar Template Edits?
  7. Thanks Brian :D
  8. New features?
  9. Degrading back to version 1
  10. When will vBadvanced CMPS v2 FULL be released ?
  11. vb3.5....Should I Say more???
  12. An option to AdminCP to update image paths
  13. Feedback from a CMPS newbie - Needs better documentation
  14. Sugguestion for SEO on Edited Pages
  15. Ability to order posts
  16. Admin Edit Page Option
  17. Ability to change module page locations.
  18. Add the news icon hack!!
  19. Script for translated phrases
  20. Uncluttering the modules when editing pages
  21. Any chance to add WOL support?
  22. Latest Forum Topics never unbolds
  23. Adding by default a "List Forums" module
  24. Suggestion: Let us decide how many columns for News & Topics
  25. Suggestion: Customize Module Title for Each Page
  26. Suggestion: Remove link and bold page you're viewing in navigation
  27. CMPS width
  28. CMPS and hooking into vB3.5
  29. Too buggy....
  30. Another bug
  31. Polls not random?
  32. Free the modules! Free the modules!
  33. Minor spelling mistake in vBadvanced CMPS v2 RC2
  34. I cant believe no one has asked for this Portal Post from Topic!
  35. Possible Error across all CMS versions
  36. Page Navigation Request
  37. exclude forums
  38. Trackback and pingback integration
  39. Moving the vBadvanced copyright
  40. Shoutbox integration.
  41. Please Brian, upcoming events for our minicalendars
  42. The Template System
  43. Use first attachment as newitem icon
  44. Stop threads being marked as read on portal visit
  45. My endless quest for a shoutbox
  46. unknown location in whos online...
  47. Navigation Module Enhancements
  48. deleted post and thread management
  49. Suggestions : User Custom Pages
  50. Suggestion: Mailman Subscribe / Unsubsribe Module