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  1. Default forum image from Geek Article System for news items.
  2. 2nd Latest Topics Module
  3. [REQ] Post a review/news code
  4. Dynamic Forum / Home Link in Navbar
  5. Extra Navbar
  6. resizing image for news (or Geek's Articles)
  7. Display only one thumbnail with your news
  8. Scrolling Links
  9. Mark / Unmark thread as news.
  10. wtd: spiders hack
  11. RSS feed module for VBA 2 and VB3.5
  12. [plugin] vBadvanced CMPS Template Grouping
  13. [MODULE] TitanCore - Competition Management System
  14. problem with vbdownloads install
  15. crandom
  16. Grouping custom templates with the rest
  17. News / Announcements Modification !!
  18. Create a module that shows recent threads within a specific forum only and no others?
  19. help to noob
  20. Hide module blocks instead of collapse .
  21. Can i put forum in the left of the portal?
  22. Integrating Other vB Pages & Hacks tutorial -- question about this, please help
  23. Add Links Directory Stats to CMPS Stats Module
  24. Little Problem...
  25. How Can i change this written...?
  26. [Hack] Collapse Left Sidebar of vBA CMS (1.0.0)
  27. Simple Navigation Menu Modification...
  28. Mouseover hack works with CMPS latest threads
  29. vBA CMS: add an image beside your links in navigation module
  30. Insert Image in News
  31. Random Journal
  32. [Plug-In] Custom Templates organized under vBa CMPS
  33. Site/Google Search
  34. Left Align the Nav Menu
  35. Quick Nick change
  36. Add MORE columns to vBadvanced
  37. Nav menu not staying to the left of forums...
  38. Adding a PHP Pixel Script as a Module
  39. show html pages
  40. Integrating Other vB Pages & Hacks - Navbar
  41. individual database - show as a table
  42. looking for online time mod.?
  43. ONLINEUSERS Module Overwriting Plugin Data
  44. Flashchat imbedded in custom page.
  45. Get rid of Bread Crumbs and Login at the top of the Page
  46. QuoteIt
  47. modf of "new post"
  48. Ads beteen posts in News Module
  49. Recents topics
  50. Seeking help with navbar.