View Full Version : Can't view thread after instaling vBadvanced Links Directory v2.0 Beta 2 (vB 3.6)

10-07-2006, 08:19 AM
Can't view thread after instaling vBadvanced Links Directory v2.0 Beta 2 (vB 3.6).

I have got the following report

Invalid SQL:

FROM adv_links_subscribelink AS subscribelink
LEFT JOIN Array USING (linkid)
WHERE suspended = 0 AND links.valid = 1 AND subscribelink.userid = 1405;

MySQL Error : Table 'mydataname.Array' doesn't exist
Error Number : 1146

and another one is

Invalid SQL:

SELECT linkid, name, links.catid, userid, username, dateline, links.lastpostdateline, title
FROM adv_links AS links
LEFT JOIN adv_links_categories AS categories USING (catid)
WHERE links.dateline > 1160118019 AND suspended = 0 AND valid = 1;

MySQL Error : Column 'valid' in where clause is ambiguous
Error Number : 1052

But I could read thread in other forums, its seen only in few forums I don't know whats going on user are also complaining the same not able to view the threads.

Is it a bug associated with vBadvanced Links Directory v2.0 Beta 2 (vB 3.6)?

Need urgent help.

Thanks a lot.

10-07-2006, 11:46 AM
There's no way the links directory would affect your ability to view threads. Those are 2 errors that could occur in the links directory though, both from bugs which should have already been fixed in the download package. If you'll download the package from here again and replace your current files with the ones in the package then that should take care of the SQL errors.

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10-07-2006, 11:50 AM
Thanks a lot for your prompt support, I will check it now and will update you.