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09-03-2004, 09:35 AM
Hey guys,

First off, thanks for the software. It is well written and works perfectly with VB. Not that difficult to install either, once you get the hang of it.

I would like to make suggestions for future releases. These may not be things that everyone needs, and therefore warrants inclusion into the package, but, Ill voice them anyway and you can decide :)

News Articles:

Images. An option, or alternate template, for inclusion of images in the upper left corner of the news story. Many of the news and consistently updated sites which use a front page "news" script feature their images this way. I semi hacked the code to work this way, but others may not be so easily done.

Images 2. I still havent found it, but instructions OR coding here to make the text wrap around images if they are in the upper left. Right now I have top aligned table cells, 1 for the image, 1 for the text. If we could get them in one cell and wrapping around the image, that would be ideal.

Images 3. Potentially allowing more than one image to show through on the homepage as a thumbnail. If we are going to use the table cells, one for text and one for images, it would be nice to have a row of thumbs going down under each other.

Static Pages:

This, for myself and what Ive read from some others, is very confusing. Your instructions on how to create a page within CMPS are very clear. How to get the content of the page to show inside your new CMPS linked page is another thing. I actually only figured it out after reading instructions for a 3rd party module.

What I would suggest, and I know this will probably be a ton of coding and a pain in the ass, is to create a "template creation form". That way, you click new page in CMPS, and it will allow you to just enter text like you would when creating a new template, and it wraps a default template table around the content. This will then go under Custom Templates like the current vba_portal_page pages. This would be done via a non admincp/ based page, so that non-admins can create pages on the site.

Control Panel:

With the last thing, creates a new set of ideas, on my part at least. I suggest a new CP/ one for cmps/links/future gallery. They can still be intergrated with the admincp/ but like how modcp/ gets their own options and area now, make one for all the VBA products. This way, I can create a new usergroup that is responisble for content delivery on the site, seperate from the 30 or so moderators, and then allow just them to log in and create pages, validate links, control a future gallery, and if I was in heaven, get V3 articles controls in there too.

Right now, I dont feel comfortable giving all my content delivery oriented staff access to the admincp. But they need those features available to them.

OK, that's my thoughts for the future. Take them as you will. Either way, keep up the good work and Ill continue to support you guys whenever I can.