View Full Version : Problem displaying custom site navigation on vba Links

07-06-2008, 03:22 AM

Just installed your vbAdvanced Links directory and I have a problem with something. Not sure if you'd be able to help or not, but I figured I'd give it a shot; I'll also talk to my other admin who created this item for our site.

Basically if ya go to the main site here: http://www.creeight.org/forums/ you'll see a custom navigation menu up at the top that we call our Unimenu; it's included in the site's header template via a replacement variable of !!unimenu!!. And the images for the buttons are located here: http://www.creeight.org/unimenu/

Now the issue is, when viewing the main Links page here: http://www.creeight.org/forums/links/index.php you can see that the button images for that unimenu do not load or show. Is there a template for vba Links that I need to edit or should I try uninstalling vba Links and install it in public_html/links as opposed to public_html/forums/links ??? I have been searching through the vba Links templates and cannot find anything where I could edit it in, but it's being called in anyways via the header template... so I'm stumped here heh.

From what I've gathered, it isn't reading or calling in the path to those unimenu images for some reason. I am wondering if there is any code I could add to the config file that would include the path to the unimenu images maybe?

Any ideas?

07-06-2008, 04:26 AM
Nevermind heh. I figured it out.

The replacement variable code for !!unimenu!! needed to be edited to full url paths to the button images as opposed to using ../unimenu/imagename

But I think I will install vba Links to public_html/links instead of within the public_html/forums/ directory. Then I could leave the image paths to the condensed version.