View Full Version : AJAX Subscriptions & Favorites Not Working Properly

07-28-2008, 08:49 AM
Hi brian..
(wanted to write the bug report in the appropriate section.. but i cant post there cause i didnt get the licence yet)

but as it occurred on this site.. i might as well post it as a feedback here.. :p

Just looked at the demo of links 3.0 (running on this site)
Nice product.. but..
for fun.. to look at the ajax.. i subscribed to a link..
nice.. the symbol that appears..
then i wanted to remove the subscription... :eek:
i couldn't.. kept on telling me that my subscription has been added AND the subcribed symbol stays.. no matter how many times i reload the page..

I tried to unsubscribe in the normal view.. and in the detailed view of the link..
same thing.. it kept me subscribed..

Just wanted to let you know..

( i was using IE 7.0) on a windows xp pro machine..

But otherwise its nice piece of software..
Waiting for gold..


07-28-2008, 11:54 AM
Thank you for pointing this out. For anyone running the product that may be experiencing this issue, I've just updated the files in the download package here to include the fix. If you will download the files from here again and upload the following files to your server over your existing ones:


Then go to the forum/admincp/vbalinks_install.php file in your browser, select the option there to reinstall the templates, and that will take care of the issue.