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03-07-2010, 08:18 AM
Hi @all,

iīve a little problem.

In the Admin it is possible make nestes Link Categories.

If i go to the front page (default templates - iīve made no template changes) the nestes categories arenīt displayed correctly from my view.

Iīve a deepth of 2 in the settings.

So i expectd on the Links Mainpage something like this

- Category 1 (Header Category)
-- Subcategory 1 (can contain Links)
-- Subcategory 2 (can contain Links)

- Category 2 (Header Category)
-- Subcategory 3 (also a Header Category)
--- Subcategory 4 (can contain Links)

But the effect that i see is - that Category 2 and Subcategory 3 (from my example above) is displayed below - so the user would think that are two different main Header Categorys.

Is it possible, that the template doesnīt support proberly nestes categories??

Best regards,

03-08-2010, 10:21 AM
It looks like there's going to be a few small changes required to make the vBa Links categories behave more like vB's forum categories. Those will be handled better in the next release, but for the time being you should be able to remove the separation and make things look better by looking in your forum/includes/vba_links_functions_cats.php file for this line:

if (!$cats['haslinks'])

And replace with this:

if (!$cats['haslinks'] AND $catquery['level'] == 1)