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09-22-2010, 12:26 AM
just wondering why im unable to post in the Vbadvanced Products.. <-- Edit im goin to guess its because u need to have the Reg code in your account lol when its in the other admins :P

iv wanted to put my 2 cents in to help a few users and also fix the issue im have on My own Site.

My Site

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /www/htdocs/codema/guides/browsecategory.php (Zeile 1067)

The issues i have Fixed was a Search Error Were Ltr was only being placed when clicking on the letter u pick to be displayed .. when it should been Ltr&

and also fixed this issue this guys asking about ..

This error only happens if u have multi Styles.. it has to do with your Replament line for the Attachment Images it buggers up the url....
how to make the error .. make an Artical in the New Dynamics .. then Swap Styles and it will Be all Exploded..
if u edit the Style in the New Style and save it will be fixed.. but if u go to another style its back to be Exploded..

Is what the code is that messed up the Article vba_dyna_class.php

// Fake the URL while processing attachments in bb code
$vburl = $vbulletin->options['bburl'];
$vbulletin->options['bburl'] = $vba_options['dyna_homeurl'];

using will Fix his issue ..

// Fake the URL while processing attachments in bb code
$vburl = $vbulletin->options['bburl'];
//$vbulletin->options['bburl'] = $vba_options['dyna_homeurl'];

now if i can only get that line 1067 working right ..

(1067) foreach($alphabet as $lkey => $letter)
if ($lkey == 27)
$linkletter = '';
else if ($lkey == 26)
$linkletter = 'nonalpha';
$linkletter = $letter;

if ($lkey AND ($lkey + 1) % 7 == 1)
$letterbits .= '</tr><tr>';

$letterselected = ($ltr == $linkletter) ? true : false;

im hoping this was ok to post here ..

Edit again: K the error for now went away after Resetting the Alphabits settings in the AdminCP .... had to turn it off then on again ..