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  1. the problem is, i cant download the package...

    the problem is, i cant download the package because my members area access expired, and cant seem to find that readme file on server.

    also, is vb3_adv_setting associated with vbadvanced and can...
  2. uninstall and full list of tables/files request!

    hi , i noticed i still have vb3_adv_links inside my mysql database

    how do i remove this? can i just drop these tables? can i get a full list? i am on 4.1.2 and do not have access to the uninstall...
  3. mysql error from vbulletin links i believe

    please help!!!!!!!

    Hi there, i keep getting this error from vbulletin about mysql, it seems to be my vbadvanced links directory,

    MySQL Error : Unknown column 'links.rating' in 'order clause'...
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    Re: vBa CMPS v3.0 Released!

    i tried upgrading, however, whenever i tried to pull up browser install php file for vbadvanced screen i got a blank screen!
    so i re-copied the files back to revert to old version......
    what should...
  5. how do i get site navigation with drop down like this site!?!?

    hi all, i want a site navigation to be like this site:

    how do i go about doing this?

    this is not my site at all, and i tried to contact the owner, but no reply
  6. Re: Advanced Navigation module for vBulletin 3.5.x and CMPS 2.0

    me three, does this work with 3.6.x ????????
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    Re: Bbcode still not showing correctly

    nobody? no vbadvanced links admins or programmers reading this?
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    Bbcode still not showing correctly

    hi there, my bbcode for my links are not parsing correctly in the links descriptions. the first link i added works good and the [IMG] tag works good, but on index.php and showlink.php on the newer...
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    Re: question about header top logo

    what should i do? do you have a code, etc?
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    change behavior of top logo image

    how do i change the behavior of the top logo image to this:

    when i am in my i want the top logo to point at

    and when i am in

    i want the top...
  11. can i display my featured links on vbadvanced?

    how about this idea? i love vbadvanced and its ease of use, and i wish to display some vba links 2.0 stuff in a module to show featured links or any other fancy tricks,,,

    what can i do?
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    Re: I'd like to add a banner image to each link

    i would like it displayed in the browselinks.php area..... is this possible???
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    Re: Yellow Pages Type Functionality?

    its possible to just title them by "1." "2..." and then the stickies should order by the title right?
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    question about header top logo

    on the main cmps homepage, i want the logo on top to click to the cmps homepage, but once the guest visits the forum, and clicks on the top logo, i want it to go to the homepage of the forum and NOT...
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