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    vBadvanced links admincp/vba_links_install.php

    Possible bug report: vba_links_install.php fails to complete and that maybe it should be broken down into smaller steps such as the product CSS Sprites

    The problem I'm having comes from the...
  2. Going to make a more detailed post

    Going to make a more detailed post
  3. vbadvanced links in site root where as forum is in siteroot/forum/

    I have a problem with imgdir stylevars. I am reluctant to go into each style of which I have many, and write full urls such as for example so that the styles in...
  4. Blank Page - Integration with vbSEO and SEO-friendly

    Regardless of what Enable Spider Friendly URL's is set to, I get a blank page.

    I've uploaded the extras/.htaccess into

    My forum is in the root of

    Here is the post...
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