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Thread: More descriptive (SE friendly) url's without '?'

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    Default More descriptive (SE friendly) url's without '?'

    Current link url's are not very search engine friendly, as I hear Google ignores everything after '?' in a url. I always wondered why great number of my pages did not feature in Google, but once I implemented a hack to replace those ???'s in my url's, all pages suddenly got indexed and traffic went up.

    I wonder if there is a way to implement this to Links script. For example, one of my category url's (Miscellaneous Links category) is as follows:

    Could this be changed to read:

    therefore making it much more usable to search engine crawlers.

    Just a thought and hope it is possible. There is another Links directory script out there that is written in php and does exactly the above, but falls short of many other features that vB Links directory has.

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    Default Re: More descriptive (SE friendly) url's without '?'

    IIRC your going to need to keep number in there even with mod_rewrite.

    At this time I do not believe we haev any plans of having mod_rewritten urls by default, for the simple fact that not everyone uses apache and not everyone has mod_rewrite installed.
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    Default Re: More descriptive (SE friendly) url's without '?'

    It can be done without mod_rewrite (though the number will still have to be there), and I'd say there's a good chance this will be an option in v2.0.

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