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Thread: I cant see the portal

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    Exclamation I cant see the portal

    I have the last version of vb (3.0.9), and i download vbadvanced_cmps_2_0_0_(vb_3_0_x)
    I made all mods to my files, i up all, but when i try to get in to the portal, i dont see anything. Only see a white page without errors...

    Any idea?
    Thx in adv...
    Sorry for my english

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    Default Re: I cant see the portal

    PD: I used search, and i try all, but nothing...

    Copy and paste the _SERVER["PATH_TRANSLATED"] + /forums but nothing...
    I try to put only /forums...but not work...

    I try to reinstall the template from the install, but not work...
    I dont know what can i do...

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    Default Re: I cant see the portal

    Can we see a URL...? Did you rename your cmps_index.php file...?
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    Default Re: I cant see the portal

    I am having a similar issue... And changing it to the path displayed in the forumpath.php revealed what I was using was correct...

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    Default Re: I cant see the portal

    I get a blank page on yours. Re-run the CMPS install file and choose the Install Templates option.
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    Default Re: I cant see the portal

    Here is my cmps_index.html... Which is located in forums

    <?php// ++=========================================================================++// || vBadvanced CMPS v2.0.0 (vB 3.0.x) - 18494// || © 2003-2004 & PlurPlanet, LLC - All Rights Reserved// || This file may not be redistributed in whole or significant part.// || || Downloaded 13:26, Wed Sep 14th 2005// || // ++ ========================================================================++error_ reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);define('NO_REGISTER_GLOBALS', 1);define('THIS_SCRIPT', 'adv_index');define('VBA_PORTAL', true);define('VBA_SCRIPT', 'CMPS');// ============================================// Enter the full path to your forum here// Example: /home/vbadvanced/public_html/forum// ============================================chdir('/home/cloyal/public_html/forums');// ============================================// No Further Editing Necessary!// ============================================$phrasegroups = array();$globaltemplates = array();$actiontemplates = array();$specialtemplates = array();require_once('./global.php');print_portal_output($home);?>
    and you can check here as see the path

    I reinstalled the templates.. No dice though... I did notice in the VBulletin options the guy had it set as instead of

    I fixed that before I reinstalled the templates, but I dont know if I may have to reinstall more due to that

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    Oops... Looks like when he attempted to install it, he removed the carriers between lines

    All fixed now..

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