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Thread: A few questions about vBadvanced CMPS

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    Default A few questions about vBadvanced CMPS

    Hello everyone,I was hoping someone that is very familiar with vBadvanced CMPS could answer me a few questions.First of all i am interested in using vBadvanced CMPS for my site.I already use vBa Gallery on my site.I am using vB 3.0.7 if this is needed information my questions are pretty simple but i can't seem to get a traight simple answer for them.

    1.)Can vBadvanced CMPS be installed outside of the forum directory?I would like to have my forums in and the CMS in name/ is this possible?

    2.)Is it possible to create multiple menu blocks that can be displayed only on certain pages?For example in catagory 1 i would have a menu block with links leading to Homepage,about,contact us,ect and in sub catagory pages it will have a menu block with homepage,gallery,info,wallpapers,ect.

    3.)My number 2 question kinda breaks off into this question as well.I just wanted to know will vBadvanced CMPS allow me to have unlimited "content catgories","sub catagories",and "sub-sub catagories"?

    I think thats about all except for one small final question.Is it possible to customize all templates in vBadvanced CMPS such as the main news template,ect?Thanks alot for the time and i look foward to any replies that can help me out.
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    Default Re: A few questions about vBadvanced CMPS

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. no clue

    yes, you can customize all useful templates in the CMPS.

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    Default Re: A few questions about vBadvanced CMPS

    Thanks for your reply,Maybe if i explain a bit more everyone will understand what i am trying to do Well first thing is the site i am building is a Video game fan site.We cover the series known as Resident Evil by Capcom.We already know the the site will contain about at least 100 sections.these sections need to be split into there own catagories by game title.For example.

    Game Name- "Resident Evil 1"
    Catagories- "Sypnosis","Overview","Image Gallery","Characters","Creatures","Strategy","Objects","Weapons","Files","Artwor k","beta's","Secrets","Video Media",and "Soundtracks"

    These catagories will be navigated via a menu on the left side of the page containing links to each section.

    So in the end we will have 21 main catagories each with 14 sub catagories.with each catagoriy having it's own unique menu block.

    So just wanted to make sure this would be possible before going through the trouble of installation thanks again.

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    Default Re: A few questions about vBadvanced CMPS

    You shouldn't have a problem doing this with the CMPS. Though I would suggest creating a separate module for each section to link to the pages rather than trying to use the Site Navigation module since you would have to edit it for each page, whereas you would just need to enable the specific modules on each page for your categories.

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    Default Re: A few questions about vBadvanced CMPS

    Thanks alot for the reply once again looks like once i get my forum skin 100% complete and upgrade to 3.5.0 i will be installing this mod.

    One thing i wondered is there a way to move the posisiton of a "Column" for example bu default you have a left,middle and right column would it be possible to move the position of the right column?The way my site is designed would not allow room for the right column in it's current position.You can check out my site to see what i mean at if you notice on the right side it has a "banner" so i would like the right "column" to show up below that banner.

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    Default Re: A few questions about vBadvanced CMPS

    As long as you're familiar with HTML then you should have no problems. You would just need to edit the 'adv_portal' template and add an image or something else to act as a spacer there.

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    Default Re: A few questions about vBadvanced CMPS

    I'm fairly good at HTML,XHTML,CSS and some PHP so i'm sure i can get it thanks for the reply.

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