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Thread: Mini calendar colors are not the same as vb's

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    Default Mini calendar colors are not the same as vb's

    I would like to suggest that CMPS modifies the mini calendar style so that it matches the style of vBulletin. I am referring to the background colors in the day table cells.

    Looks like CMPS is using the border color for off-month days like vBulletin used to. Now, the mini-calendar will not be formatted the same as vb's calendar unless you hand hack the templates.

    In case this wasn't clear, basically - vBadvanced's mini calendar on CMPS does not use the same style elements as vBulletin's main calendar, therefore you must hack one template to make them the same.

    I believe this is due to a change in vb 3.5 where the table border color is no longer used for the off-day calendar day background.
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    Default Re: Mini calendar colors are not the same as vb's

    I'm surprised I didn't notice that yet. Looks like vB did change some things in 3.5.0 though. If you'll replace the contents of your 'adv_portal_calendar_day' template with this:
    <td class="<if condition="$show['highlightweek']">alt1<else />alt2</if>"<if condition="$show['highlighttoday']"> style="border:solid 1px red; font-weight:bold" title="$vbphrase[today]"</if>>
    	<if condition="$show['daylink']">
    		<span class="smallfont"><a href="calendar.php?$session[sessionurl]do=getinfo&amp;day=$year-$month-$day&amp;c=$calendarid" title="$eventdesc">$day</a></span>
    	<else />
    		<span class="smallfont">$day</span>
    And the contents of your 'adv_portal_calendar_day_other' template with this:
    <td class="alt1"><span class="smallfont"><em>$day</em></span></td>
    Then that should take care of the problem.

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