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    Default Page Integration Problems

    I have been integrating pages into vba and ran accross a problem that can hopefully be resolved.

    I integrated search.php into vba so everytime somebody clicks on advanced search it will keep the vba column on the left side. Well when somebody clicks on "New Post" in the nav bar or "Today's Post" in Quick Links, it pulls up a new page with multiple nav bars.

    I have attached a pic to show what it's doing.

    Any ideas how to fix it?

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    Default Re: Page Integration Problems

    I have this same problem, I noticed it when searching for some threads and vb returned the sorry no matches message, but the nav bar is showing up twice, any ideas?

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    Default Re: Page Integration Problems

    I've still got to figure out a better solution, but for the time being you can edit your 'vBadvanced Error Replacements' plugin and add this code to the very end of the 'Plugin PHP Code' section:
    PHP Code:
    $navbar ''

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