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Thread: bug found that reveals hidden content

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    Default bug found that reveals hidden content

    If you have a forum set to view, but "Can View Thread Content" set to no, the members of that group can only see thread titles. Vbulletin correctly hides the rollover preview for these threads.

    In the Recent Threads module (and possibly news, news archive, didn't test) the members that are supposed to only see the thread title are seeing the post with the rollover preview.

    I like the fact that they see the post title, because they can't read the post, and it encourages upgrades, that's why I have the setting. So please don't fix by removing the title completely. Please just set it so they can't rollover, like vB does.

    I have turned off previews in the meantime as a quick fix.


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    Default Re: bug found that reveals hidden content

    Just edit this module, choose "no" on 'Show Preview of Threads'

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