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    Default Form Code?

    I've set up my index page with a couple of modules that include forms that insert data for a virtual archery league that we run on the forum.

    The first form allows the user to register
    The second form allows the user to submit a score

    Both forms are in seperate PHP modules.

    When the second form is used and submitted it behaves as though it submitted the first form (the registration form).

    There's a field on the CMPS admin CP --> Module Shell Template Options

    "Form Code
    If your module requires a <form> tag, you may enter the code for that form tag here. This allows for the code to be placed above the table and comply with XHTML standards."

    Would this have anything to do with solving the problem? And if so, how do I use it?

    As usual, thanks for any advice that can be offerered


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    Default Re: Form Code?

    Sounds like you're missing a </form> tag after the first module. If you're using the 'Form Code' and 'Use Module Shell Template' option in the module then the </form> tag should automatically be added. If you're not using those options though then you'll need to check either the PHP file or the template(s) you're using for those and make sure that there is an ending </form> tag in there.

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