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Thread: Unable to upload module

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    Default Unable to upload module

    I created a module on my test db with custom options and had things working properly. I then downloaded the module so I could move it to my live forum and ran into this during the upload
    Database error in vBulletin 3.5.2:
    Invalid SQL:
    INSERT INTO adv_setting (varname, grouptitle, value, defaultvalue, optioncode, displayorder) VALUES ('portal_rss_qualifier', 'adv_portal_rss', 'return !preg_match("/story/i", $rss_item['DESCRIPTION']);', '', 'textarea', '8');
    MySQL Error  : You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'DESCRIPTION']);', '', 'textarea', '8')' at line 1 Error Number : 1064
    Date         : Wednesday, December 14th 2005 @ 02:22:17 AM
    It appears that while it's OK to enter quotes into the text areas and download them it fails when trying to upload them again.
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    Default Re: Unable to upload module

    I'm surprised someone hasn't run into this problem before. If you'll look in your admincp/vba_cmps_admin.php file for this code:
    PHP Code:
                    $db->query_write("INSERT INTO " TABLE_PREFIX "adv_setting (varname, grouptitle, value, defaultvalue, optioncode, displayorder) VALUES ('$varname', 'adv_portal_$module[identifier]', '$setting[value]', '$setting[defaultvalue]', '" addslashes($setting['optioncode']) . "', '$setting[displayorder]')"); 
    And replace with this:
    PHP Code:
                    $db->query_write("INSERT INTO " TABLE_PREFIX "adv_setting (varname, grouptitle, value, defaultvalue, optioncode, displayorder) VALUES ('$varname', 'adv_portal_$module[identifier]', '" addslashes($setting['value']) . "', '" addslashes($setting[defaultvalue]) . "', '" addslashes($setting['optioncode']) . "', '$setting[displayorder]')"); 
    Then that should take care of the problem.

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