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    Default Increase in Price

    I believe vbLinks is on the right track, yet somewhat under funded. I think the current price is too cheap. Why don't the developers increase the price to around $65. I'm sure a lot of current and future users will pay the extra for more updates and features.

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    We may increase the price after v2.0 is released, but it certainly won't be by that much.

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    Thanks Brian. Before we used INDEXU and paid $99 for it. But since I use VBulletin, I thought it would be best to keep to the 1 system. INDEXU has some nice features which can be seen at

    Most important now for vbLinks would be incorporating mod-rewrite.

    I don't think the community will complain if you increase as long as it's below the magic $100. But of course, you will need to deliver a great product for the price hike.

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