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    "showing up as unlicensed" sticky thread is not working (well the link to the liscence area / box) does not work. I can get the pw as per the instructions in the thread.. but can't find anywhere to enter it.

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    From the main page just go directly to "Programs / Scripts" from the navigation menu.

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    Actually the licensing system was done away with some time ago, but apparenlty we forgot to remove that thread. I've just checked your account and everything seems to be fine with it, so you should have full access to the forums and be able to download the CMPS from the 'Programs / Scripts' link.

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    Default Long time since vBulletin Version 3.5.3

    Hey, I can see the thread is quite old, nevertheless quite a few discussion boards are still on version 3.5.3 today, and these forums absolutely are not abandoned or something.

    I really wonder what makes them not updating, I have a suggestions that there might be some sort of bugs/exploits working better on a newer versions, what makes me somewhat concerned about the version I should install.

    Now doing a bit of a research on the web and will report back as soon as I find something on that.

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