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Thread: How many pictures in a module ?

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    Default How many pictures in a module ?

    How many can you put in a module ?

    I can put one up and all is fine even though i have to add the [img] code by hand as some on has stolen my link in the BB code

    But i am doing better on this site as my other sites show no bb icons what so ever in the cmps

    Fine in the forum just does not show in the cmps add module or add page....

    Soon as i add another picture by hand and save then the last picture to be added show and the other one turns into a link

    So if any one can shed some light then thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: How many pictures in a module ?

    Try looking in your vba_cmps_admin.php file for this code:
    				// Editor & message area
    Add this right below it:
    				$vbulletin->options['allowbbcode'] = 1;
    				$vbulletin->options['allowbbimagecode'] = $modopts['allow_image_code'];
    And that should take care of the problem.

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    Default Re: How many pictures in a module ?

    Yes it did thank you very much.

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