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Thread: bbcode parser bug

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    Default bbcode parser bug

    The bbcode
    PHP Code:
    [thread=123]thread title[/thread
    is replaced by vBa CMPS on the frontpage with
    instead of
    like in the forum.

    Apparently it's missing the forum/ part on the frontpage ...

    How can I fix this?

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    Default Re: bbcode parser bug

    If you'll look in your vba_cmps_include_bottom.php file for this code:
    PHP Code:
    $bbcode_parser =& new vB_BbCodeParser($vbulletinfetch_tag_list()); 
    And add this right below it:
    PHP Code:
    $bbcode_parser->tag_list['no_option']['thread']['html'] = str_replace('"showthread.php''"' $vbulletin->options['bburl'] . '/showthread.php'$bbcode_parser->tag_list['no_option']['thread']['html']);
    $bbcode_parser->tag_list['no_option']['post']['html'] = str_replace('"showthread.php''"' $vbulletin->options['bburl'] . '/showthread.php'$bbcode_parser->tag_list['no_option']['thread']['html']);

    $bbcode_parser->tag_list['option']['thread']['html'] = str_replace('"showthread.php''"' $vbulletin->options['bburl'] . '/showthread.php'$bbcode_parser->tag_list['option']['thread']['html']);
    $bbcode_parser->tag_list['option']['post']['html'] = str_replace('"showthread.php''"' $vbulletin->options['bburl'] . '/showthread.php'$bbcode_parser->tag_list['option']['thread']['html']); 
    Then that should take care of the problem.

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    Default Re: bbcode parser bug

    That did the trick, thanks !

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