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Thread: About to upgrade - need links and cmps help

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    Default About to upgrade - need links and cmps help

    Hi all,

    We are about to make the leap from 3.0.7 to the latest 3.5. We have the links directory AND CMPS installed.

    What is going to be the best way to upgrade ALL of this at one time? I want to make sure I do this right so I dont bring sections of the site down for too long.


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    Default Re: About to upgrade - need links and cmps help


    It really won't be that bad *if* you upgrade using a method that copies over your entire existing database. To clarify that statement... all of the vBadvanced products store it's tables in the same database as vBulletin does so if you upgrade your existing database or upgrade a copy of the database then your vBa product information will come along with it meaning you'd just have to re-install the vBa products after upgrading to vB 3.5.x and you wouldn't lose your vBa product settings. But if you start with a clean slate, a fresh database, then you'd be starting from scratch.

    Here's a thread from somebody else doing the 3.0.x to 3.5.x conversion....

    In that thread is a link to a post on by Eva 2000 that gives details on how to copy your existing database so that you can upgrade your copy instead of your production database; that way if something goes wrong with the upgrade you don't lose anything and your current production site remains up & running.

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    Default Re: About to upgrade - need links and cmps help

    Ok here is the next BIG issue. I have so many hacks that I don't want to port all this garbage over, and have strays in the database. SO.... I am working with vbulletin to use impex to do a fresh install, and then import the 3.07 data into 3.5 How will this affect the links directory? Can I easily copy tables or something after the import to get it up and going again?

    I really don't care about the CMPS, I can get that up and going again from scratch. I just don't want to lose all or my links of make it impossible to get them back up on the 3.5 site.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: About to upgrade - need links and cmps help

    Just use the impex script, then do a clean install of the CMPS and links directory. Once you've done that, copy over your adv_settings, adv_settinggroups, and links* tables over to your new database.

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