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Thread: vb3 photopost userid cookie only set with "remember me"?

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    Default vb3 photopost userid cookie only set with "remember me"?

    Using: vbadvanced cmps, vb3, photopost 48, netscape 7.1

    I am not reliably getting the integration between vb3 and photopost.
    Sometimes my vb login is recognized by photopost, sometimes not. Paths and domains double-checked, I believe the problem is elsewhere...

    Looks like photopost uses the userid cookie ('bb' may be the prefix).

    After a little experimenting, it seems this cookie is only set if the user checks "remember me".

    Yet cmps and vb3 are able to translate whatever cookies are kicking around into valid logins.

    I am beginning to suspect I may need to use the sessionhash to get a record from the session table, check the userid is non-zero, and take that value as the userid.

    If this were true, I'd have expected to find discussion of it at the photopost site.

    Anyone recognize this symptom? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Please and thank you.

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    Default Re: vb3 photopost userid cookie only set with "remember me"?

    We really dont provide support outside of vBa, and as im understading it your having a problem with photopost and vB?

    You should try the photopost site
    I may or may not do things.

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