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Thread: Okay, it will not upgrade to 2.1.0

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    Default Okay, it will not upgrade to 2.1.0

    I have uploaded all files and I have removed the edits from global.php and so now when I go to the vbacmps_install.php and click upgrade it states "You are already running the current version of vBadvanced CMPS!" and so I can't finish the update. Here is something I think should not be there on the vbacmps_install.php page it states "Welcome to vBadvanced CMPS version 2.0.0 (vB 3.5)." and not Welcome to vBadvanced CMPS version 2.1.0 (vB 3.5).

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    Default Re: Okay, it will not upgrade to 2.1.0

    You didn't upload the new install file.

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