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Thread: create a page (PHP) that uses...

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    Default create a page (PHP) that uses...

    Hi there,

    1st question, I'm looking for a way where I can use the vb syntaxes like $vboptions[option] and so on in my custom created PHP pages and after a search I've found 1 option but my pages comes out blank and if I remove the syntaxes and retry the pages shows properly.

    what I could do is creating the templates but that isnt what I want. I want to be able to quickly edit the pages in the source if needed and updated to upload onto the webserver so that the page is updated directly and not going trough the admincp and so on.

    So what is are the requirements where my custom php pages directly could use the vb syntaxesn phrases without adding it all into the database as a template

    2nd question would be, how can I use the cmps on different subdomains where the subdomain own navigation module gets loaded and shown where maybe also the possibillity exists to query the specific forum of the linked subdomain?

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    Default Re: create a page (PHP) that uses...

    For your first question, you need to use $vbulletin->options['varname'] in your file, and $vboptions[varname] in your templates.

    For the second question, you should be able to do that by following the instructions in this thread:

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