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Thread: PHP File Module Display Problem

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    Default PHP File Module Display Problem


    I successfully create a PHP file module through the add module selection in CMPS admin. The problem is the content generated by the PHP file displays above the top of the block being displayed on the CMPS index page. The title of the module is on the bottom. How can this be fixed. I am using the module shell template.

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    Default Re: PHP File Module Display Problem

    Is the generated output from the php file wrapped like this?


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    Default Re: PHP File Module Display Problem

    Here is the relevant code thats generated in my CMPS home page. There might be a little extra added thats not part of this script. I grabbed what I thought would help. The part near the beginning here that says Carp Test is displayed in the solid block header on the home page at the bottom of the generated output, not like it is listed here.

     <div><img src="/forum/clear.gif" height="15" alt="" /></div>
    <table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1" class="tborder" width="100%">
       <td class="tcat" colspan="0">
       <span class="smallfont"><strong>&raquo; Carp Test</strong></span></td>
     <tbody id="collapseobj_module_25" style="">
       <a href="<A href="">Gecko">">Gecko Tribe, LLC Press Releases</a><br />
    Press releases from Gecko Tribe, LLC<br />
    <br /><a href="<A href="">">"> Promotes Ethical Internet Marketing</a><br /> is a new internet marketing website that emphasizes ethics in an area where many others cross the line.<br />
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    A new version of Grouper Evolution generates RSS newsfeeds with affiliate links for participants in the affiliate programs of,, and<br />
    <a href="<A href="">RSS">">RSS and Atom feed directory service available for websites</a><br />
    Webmasters whose site users need a directory of RSS and Atom newsfeeds, but who do not wish to maintain their own directory, can use Chordata's Linkback Service to conveniently connect the Chordata directory to their sites.<br />
    <a href="<A href="">Grouper">">Grouper Evolution adds support for Atom 1.0 feeds</a><br />
    Grouper Evolution, an RSS generator, adds conversion of the just-completed Atom 1.0 feed format to RSS to its existing capabilities for generating RSS feeds other XML formats, news searches, and web pages.<br />
    <a href="<A href="">Tetra">">Tetra: a new JavaScript scroller with RSS newsfeed integration</a><br />
    Tetra is a new JavaScript scroller that features integration with RSS newsfeeds, and AJAX for background updating--two technologies to ensure that the scroller content is always fresh and up-to-date.<br />
    <a href="<A href="">CaRP">">CaRP RSS Parser updated with new features, improved installer</a><br />
    A new release of CaRP gives webmasters more control of the processing and appearance of RSS feeds on their sites, and simplifies the installation process.<br />
    <a href="<A href="">Improved">">Improved installers ease setup of RSS generation and display tools for websites</a><br />
    New installers for CaRP and Grouper make it easy to get up and running with RSS feeds on your website.<br />
    <a href="<A href="">Jawfish">">Jawfish newsfeed conversion service adds Atom support</a><br />
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    <a href="<A href="">Convert">">Convert Atom feeds and other XML to RSS with Grouper Evolution</a><br />
    Grouper Evolution version 1.4 features a new XML plugin, enabling it to convert Atom newsfeeds to RSS format.<br />
    <a href="<A href="">CaRP">">CaRP Evolution 3.5 (RSS parser) enables complex filtering, mySQL storage</a><br />
    CaRP Evolution 3.5, released today, adds features enabling websites to perform complex filtering of RSS newsfeeds, and to store RSS newsfeeds in a mySQL database.<br />
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    <br /><i><a href="" target="_blank">Newsfeed display by CaRP</a></i>
    <div><img src="/forum/clear.gif" height="15" alt="" /></div>
    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: PHP File Module Display Problem

    Well, my prior answer still stands. If you are using the module shell template then looking at the relevant section reveals that it's necessary to have the content wrapped in <tr><td></td></tr> tags.

    Here's the section from the module shell template
    	<tbody id="collapseobj_module_$mods[collapse]" style="$modcollapse">
    		<if condition="$show['tablerow']">
    				<td class="$bgclass">
    		<else />
    The value of $show['tablerow'] will be false in your case thus your generated output will appear in the bit that's red. That's why there's a need to add the tags mentioned above.
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    Default Re: PHP File Module Display Problem

    Hello Tom,

    Got it. The lack of those tags, as you know already, were the problem.

    Thanks again for your help.

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