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Thread: Verify Links not working

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    I am using Links v1.0.1 and vb3.5. My Verify Links function in admincp doesn't seem to work well, and I'm not sure what to check.

    Basically, when I perform a Verify Links, about 70% of the links show a status of Not Found. When I click on View Site, it loads the link right away (no delay). I'm only trying to verify 10 per page. The other 30% of the links show a status of either OK or Found, which is what baffles me. It would probably be easier to troubleshoot if they all failed.

    Any suggestions of what I could check, or could someone explain how the Verify Links process functions?


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    Do you have SSH access to your server? The verify links function is dependent upon your server being able to communicate with the remote URL. If you're on a shared server, for example, your hosting service may have either disabled the ability to do this or your server may be experiencing timeout issues.

    If you have SSH or telnet (SSH recommended of course) access then trying logging into your server and then doing a trace route to the remote servers to see what you yet.

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