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Thread: New site, went live yesterday!

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    Default New site, went live yesterday!

    I didn't do too much style-wise with the CMPS. My shining achievements are the calendar pulldown and the weather module. Love to hear what you guys think though.

    P.S. I need to fix the width problem on the main page. It looks fine in my version of Firefox but it's slightly too wide in IE. Is the only fix getting rid of my avatar?

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    Default Re: New site, went live yesterday!

    Looks good but check your template widths. With IE at 1400x1050 I'm still getting a vertical scroll bar.

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    Default Re: New site, went live yesterday!

    I think it's the avatar in the news post because I don't run into that problem on any other cmps pages except for the main one. Did you try navigating to any of the other pages?

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    Default Re: New site, went live yesterday!

    Hey RivacityJ,

    The site is looking good! A couple of questions if I may:

    1. How did your site get hacked? Simple error on your part or some other fault with vBadvanced/Vbulletin?

    2. What module are you using to display the headlines to the righthand side? Thanks.

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