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    I searched but and I didn't find exactly I was looking for. Is there a modual (or can someone make one) that will display forum navigation? I dont like the one that is above the navbar, and I was just wondering If someone could incorperate that into a modual. Again if this has already been done im sorry. Thanks.

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    There is a link on this site for a side navbar. I don't know if this is waht you looking for:

    Here is the demo of one:

    Here is the link to the hack:

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    Not exactly. I want something that has the actual forum navigation. When veiwing my forum I have the left side with moduals. I want one that will have like, forums > general descussion > thread 1. What I want is in tha navbar, I just was wondering if anyone can incorperate it into a modual for me.

    Edit. I almost had it, but it seems that the breadcrum thing wont work in the modual. I had the entire navbar in a modual and it still wasnt showing where I was in my forum. If someone can somehow get the breadcrumb thing, and put it in a modual it would be great.
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