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Thread: Attachment settings in vBulletin

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    Default Attachment settings in vBulletin

    Just thought I would ask here, in case anyone knows how to deal with this problem.

    It seems that vBulletin has a limit to size of attachments that will not go above 16MB. No matter what I do, it wont go above that. I know that my PHP and MySql settings are correct, since if I try to attach a 20mb file in phpbb, it has no problems. So I gather this is a vBulletin problem.

    Anyone have any knowledge on how to remove that limitation? The settings for attachments in AdminCP is totally useless in this case it seems, as even though I set avi max file size to 100M, it wont go above the mentioned 16MB limit.

    I heard something about MySql not being able to handle larger files, and that I have to use file system to save the attachments. Never really figured out how to do that permanently (so the board automatically saves attachments to a given directory in the web server).

    Anyone have any thoughts about this?


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    Default Re: Attachment settings in vBulletin

    Seek help at

    I may or may not do things.

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