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    Ok, I went to edit modual and this is whay I get:

    I went into mt admincp, Click on the tab for my vBa CMPS. then I click on edit modules and I get a white page that say Page not Found.

    Anyone know?

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    WoW lol, Any body?

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    You mean to tell me there is no mods or tech support here that can help me out?
    I submitted a support ticket this morning and Haven't got an answer to that or my threads. Not every the slightest response. This is crazy

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    Have you double checked to ensure that all your files uploaded correctly? Perhaps try re-uploading them over the top to ensure they are complete.

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    I installed this months ago and has been working fine til today. I added a few user groups and the members for those user groups could not get to the homepage.
    I set and reset all the settings and nothing change. I checked the php file to make sure everything was correct there all is good.

    I got off for a while about 2 hr, signed back on to continues and I could even get into my vba cmps setting. When I click on edit module or and tab in that section I would get a black page with the error Page Not found....

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    I would be checking for database corruption / issues then. Possibly submit a support ticket. If you haven't done many changes to the vBadvanced, you could also try uninstalling and doing a fresh install to see if that fixes it. Certainly sounds like something's gone screwy somewhere...

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    Screwy isn't the word for it,lol... Its going

    I did submit a support ticket and 9am this morning. I put the in post #3. Thanks for you help....

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