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Thread: Is there a manual of vBadvanced CMPS?

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    Default Is there a manual of vBadvanced CMPS?

    I just installed vBadvanced CMPS and I feel frustrated. I think it would work fine because I did not have any error message.

    I installed it just to add two columns more (left and right) to my forum page. The Control Panel of CMPS is not big, however I do not know how to do it. I miss some help menues about the options.

    I have 12 years of experience with HTML, ASP, PHP, SQL, I do not consider to myself no qualified to understand it.

    I was trying to find a manual explaining some procedures but I did not find it.
    Most of the times, with a good manual, should not be necessary to post so much messages asking easy things.

    Finnally, some could tell me step by step (or where I can find useful and detailed information) about:

    - How to add two columns (left and righ) to my forum page?
    - How to create a new page (home) with the same structure and set the modules of vB inside them?

    I would appreciate very much.

    Jose Luis

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    Default Re: Is there a manual of vBadvanced CMPS?

    I posted the previous message 2 days ago.

    I just asked for a CMPS manual. I have seen some kind of manual online but IMHO is very poor.

    I posted other questions in other message about the first (and useful) steps using CMPS but I did not get useful comments.

    I understand that CMPS is not supported because it is free but I think having a good support in a free product would mean that the support would be better for payed products. So I am in doubt if the vBadvanced products are good or not.

    I would like to discover that the products and support are great. It is not late yet.


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    Default Re: Is there a manual of vBadvanced CMPS?


    The online manual is the current manual available. If you have a specific question or issue you're more than welcome to post so we can try to answer your question.

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    Hi KW802
    Super Mod vBadvanced,

    Could you give me the link to the Online Manual of the vBadvanced CMPS v.3.2.1 .

    I also have a question related to the listting called: "Total members that have visited the forum in the last 24 hours" .

    My question is: Can we modify this list either delete, add, modify or hide a member's name or hide the whole list except just showing the total mumber of members .

    Thank you


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    There's a link to the CMPS users manual in my signature.

    There is not a "Total members in the last 24 hours" module that comes with the CMPS by default. If you're having problems with a 3rd party module then I'd recommend posting in the thread you downloaded the module from to see if the author can provide some assistance.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    CMPS Users Manual

    For vBadvanced software assistance, please use the support forums.
    Unsolicted PMs, IMs, and email will not be responded to.
    If you have a non-software related question or problem with your account, please submit a support ticket.

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