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    I have created a custom page, as follows:

    When a user logs out of their session, and then logs back in on their computer it, the following happens in detail:

    1. User is logged in (user1) on computer
    2. User (user1) logs out, returns back to forums page
    3. User (user2) logins in on same computer
    4. User (user2) shows up in welcome module
    5. When user (user2) clicks on custom page, it still thinks user1 is logged in (however it is user2???)

    Any ideas?

    Where are all the places I should look for cookies settings???

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    Default Re: Cookies / Login Issues

    This is only happening on the custom page? I don't see how since the CMPS uses the same cookies and such as vB. Have you tried hitting Ctrl+F5 on the page to make sure you're not pulling it from cache?

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