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Thread: Im looking for help please

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    Default Im looking for help please

    I know this is gonna sound dumb but I don`t understand how to add the links(to the directory I have added)?
    I have tried but i dont get it, on the second page after I add a link url it says"
    Reciprocal Link URL
    Please enter the URL to the page on your web site that contains a reciprocal link back to our web site. Please note that this is required and must be present before you may submit your link."
    I dont get it?? Im looking for someone that will help me and teach me so I can learn it, the site is
    Thank You for your time,

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    Default Re: Im looking for help please

    It sounds like you turned on an option at the category level that requires a back link.

    Do you want to a required back link in that category?

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