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    Default Installation Problems

    Don't know how else to title this - I'll try to clarify more.

    I installed on my development copy vb and it seemed painless enough - no errors through the installation process - I can log back in after install is complete - but that's as far as I get.

    I apparently misread the part about "if you're installing in the same directory as your forum installation you can comment out the forum path line" - well - I did just that - and like I said - the install completed. But when I log in - where I'm guessing there should be a link to vbAdvanced settings in the admincp - there is only a [] - and clicking on it just brings me back to the admincp homepage.

    Additionally - if I go to the cmps index page - at - it loads all right - but there's no forums - and logging in doesn't work - all the links are missing the /forum/ part of the path.

    Now - I understand at this moment what I probably did wrong - I uploaded the cmps_index.php file to the ROOT - (as the instructions said LOL) and all the rest of the files to the appropriate places under my forum directory ( - when I SHOULD have uploaded the cmps_index.php file to the root OF the forum directory before running the install.

    So - now that I know what I screwed up - how can I fix it?

    Uncommenting the forumpath statement in cmps_index.php did not work, and neither did copying the cmps_index.php file to the root of the forum directory after the fact. Can I just re-run the install (this time with the index file in the correct directory)?


    I tried re-running the install. (piece by piece).
    That didn't fix it - so I did an uninstall.
    Then I moved the cmps_index file into the root of the forums directory - and ran a fresh install - that didn't work either.
    I have uninstalled and re-installed both ways - forumpath in and forumpath commented out, as well as with the index file in both places - root of the domain and root of the forum directory. NOTHING works.

    I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong - especially since every time - the installation completes without errors (other than it gives the wrong path for all the images - minus the /forum/ - which I edited each time and saved) - yet when I log into the admincp - there is no section for vbAdvanced - just the []. And no link to the forums from the cmps_index page.

    Please help!
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    Default Re: Installation Problems

    If you check the FAQ forum, there's a thread there regarding broken links/images.

    As for the admin side, what happens if you go straight to the vba_cmps_admin.php file (

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