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Thread: Have a separate page that's editable?

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    Default Have a separate page that's editable?

    I'm running a website for a World of Warcraft guild. I want to have a separate page with everyone's DKP (To those of you who are familiar with it.)

    Essentially, I want to have a module that works LIKE the news module, except instead of pulling from a specific forum, it just has its own information that can be edited by myself, similar to if I posted a news story, without going into the CP. (I would have it pull from a private forum, but then others wouldn't be able to see it in the first place >.<)

    Is it possible to do this?

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    Default Re: Have a separate page that's editable?

    I think the news module is going to be about as close as you're going to get if you don't want to edit the content through the Admin CP.

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