Hey everyone,

I just launched/opened my website to the public after about a year and a half of development. You can check it out at:


The website is running vBulletin, and some popular vBulletin PHP portal systems that I've grown to be very fond of. The vBulletin isn't completely up to date, but It should be working almost 100% and I've gone out of my way to implement some nice features and scripts into it.

Ready-Up is a multiplayer gaming community, a website which will focus on multiplayer online gaming. I've designed the website so that the community can contribute as much as I could possibly think of, and of course I have future ideas and implementations into the system that is already set up. Right now I'm pushing the Game HUBs, and you can read more about that here:


I put together most of the backend for the website on my own, and I don't have many writers or staff helping with content, so the Game HUBs seemed like a good way to allow the community to contribute to the website until maybe I can afford to pay writers, and get some better press access.

Ready-Up is looking for affiliations, as long as you have anything to do with Multiplayer Gaming then we are interested in affiliating with you. Please respond here, or send me a PM...or email me at [email protected].

We are looking for members! We only have about 8 registered so far, and not very many active members posting on the forums. We JUST opened, so please help us out by registering and posting every now and then. If your interested in helping out, read the article about helping here:


Any Suggestions/Critique is welcome, but please be nice I've been working on this a long time.

(Thanks to vBadvanced for the great script. Please let me know if any copywright information is wrong, or if I should fix anything!)