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Thread: Add a excel page?

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    Hey All

    I know you can add a page to though the admin cp

    Is it possible to make that page an excel page? So that when someone clicks on the link to go to that page they see an excel sheet? And to where they dont need to have excel to do it?

    I ask cause i need to put up sort of like an accounting page and cant find the right mod to do it with so though excel might be easier. I need it to show how much people have paid , how many crdits they have all that good stuff.

    Any help thanks all

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    Default Re: Add a excel page?

    Sorry, but I can't say that I've ever heard of something like that.

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    You can't... you can save the excel file as html and display it that way but they wont be able to edit it.

    Alternately, maybe you can use the online google spreadsheet program somehow.

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    a little confused, ya, you can save th e excel files as html, but I never meet such thing that we can make a page an excel page.

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