Curious how this will work. Ive been thinking about how I'm going to port things over from various different areas. Realized I may need 3 different methods.

1. Take first post in thread. This will take the first post in a thread from a given forum, and turn it into an entry in a given Blogicles section. Retains user info, post date, attachments, and the post itself. Ignores posts 2-XYZ. New comments allowed from there.

2. Import entire thread. This will take the first post from a thread in a given forum, make it the entry in a given Blogicles section. Posts 2-XYZ are added as comments to that entry.

3. CSV, EXCEL, ETC. I have a crap load of info in spreadsheet format. I can copy paste the proper SQL commands into columns in the spreadsheet, add a series of serialized numbers for the ID, then copy over to a text file to import via PHPMYADMIN. A nice structure example for a full entry would be nice, so that every potential field is filled in with sample data, including a series of custom fields in each style, so that we can just change the values and insert our own data.

Also, wondering that after import, if the Blogicles category they are put into is set to be a Member based listing (AKA Blogs->Member Names=Categories), will all the entries automatically show up under their username in the listing.

And... a bit off topic...

Is there a way to convert text in an existing forum thread that uses HTML to BBCODE, so we can remove HTML completely from the new Blogicles versions? A lot of my news uses HTML with "align=right/left" for the image, and some href links. Id like to fully convert all that to BBCODE before import. I know that may not be part of your general scope, but if anyone has a clue how to do that in general that would be helpful.