============== Conception ===============

Mod creator : Cédric Claerhout
Tested on vBulletin 3.6.7

============== Installation ===============

Installation Time : 1 minute
One product file to import

This modification can't be modified, distributed without it's creator's agreement.

============== Description ===============

You must have at least vBadvanced CMPS 3.x.x to use this product. It modifies the rules to display integrated pages. With original version, once the page is integrated, it always displays within CMPS. Thanks to this hack, it won't be the case anymore. Nevertheless, integrated pages management DOES NOT CHANGE.

You have integrated showthread page within CMPS. All messages won't be any anymore displayed as it used to be with the forum. This product avoids this. When you are on CMPS, no problem, messages will be displayed within CMPS. But this time when you will be on the forum to read this message, the traditional display will remain.

How does it work ?
This mod adds a new setting ("cmps") to the url of theses pages : forumdisplay.php, member.php, printthread.php, editpost.php et search.php.

-To display messages (forumdisplay), new templates are used. Only the first message can be read but a link to "comment" the discussion is added with the number of comments inside the thread.
-Printed version of messages also only display the first message of a topic
-Search results from CMPS will be displayed within the portal.

Just import the product file

I don't have much time...