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Thread: Worked yesterday now its gone???

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    Default Worked yesterday now its gone???

    Kind of a strange one. This was working fine yesterday and now its gone. Just a blank white page. I originally thought it was a server problem but all my other pages work fine. And its not only the cmps-index file on my site but on the test site as well.

    I also have the Links directory installed and its working fine. Heres some links.



    But the cmps_index is gone.

    Checked the forum path in the file and its correct. Any ideals???

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    Default Re: Worked yesterday now its gone???

    Well I kind of fixed it. I turned off the homepage and turned it back on and it seemed to work.

    While I have you here can you check this link anyways. Since Im the admin I can see it. Just wanted to make sure otheres could also.

    And one last thing. I have a ton of html pages I want to convert into CMPS pages with the forum intergration. Exactly what to I need to do for this? Tried making my own moduals but coupldn't get the admin upload modual to accet my php files. Kept telling me it wasnt an modual so I couldnt upload it.

    Thanks again for the help Brian.

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